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37 thoughts on “My financial institution has banned shopping for Bitcoin. Appears like I’m switching. So offended”

  1. Not just Sterling many high street banks in the UK has done this taking away your financial freedom it’s a outrageous telling you what you can or cannot do with your money. But still allow to gamble all your money away. Revolut is the best bank to use and show these banks by avoiding them like the plague they have no rights whatsoever to take your freedom of choice away from you

  2. I’ve had major hassles with legacy banking as well and it’s catalyzed me to trade as much value as I can for Sats and self-custody my own money. I know how poorly traditional banking operates and how efficiently Bitcoin operates. The difference is night and day, Bitcoin all the way.

  3. That’s annoying, I switched to Starling about a year ago, and they have been great, their app is probably the best in industry. But I won’t have a bank tell me what I can spend my money on, will switch bank.

  4. Do the banks know something that we don’t?

    Is crypto just a scam? That will eventually collapse and everything goes to zero, do the banks know this therefore they are just protecting their customers?

    Or maybe this is because banks have lost billions of customer deposits recently due to outflows, people converting their fiat money into crypto taking away the banks bread and butter.

    Banks are desperate to keep their customers, Revolut are offering 250£ per referral and I’ve heard Nationwide offering 500£ ????????

    I’m saving this post, Starling bank will soon go bankrupt or get bought out.

  5. Had this argument with nationwide the other day. Their explanation as to why they are doing it, is to protect customers (trying to protect fiat more like).

    As I said to the lady on the phone Coinbase is a publicly traded entity on the us stock exchange and the bank has the gaul to say they aren’t legitimate or there’s a high likelyhood I will be frauded of my deposited money to them.

    I further explained to highlight their hypocrisy that if I were to deposit £1k into a betting account and lose the money all in one night with no issues or flags raised from the bank against my account that there explanation as to why they ban cryptocurrency transactions is utter bullshit! They’ve no care for the customer just their increasingly inferior currency.

    Fuck the banks. Revolut to exchange is my method now. And straight to self custody.

  6. Always just some mindless / dumbass propaganda for ages now .. never any meat on the bone to BTC over power , legitimacy , criminal enterprise … and they are beyond stupid ,the sheer impact of non existent fiat currency on power , legitimacy , and criminal enterprise .. dwarfs all other value or products for “ value .” .. so you are choosing wisely , the paper handed are the folks that crashed the pricing ,nobody was ever forced to sell into batches and batches of idiotic lies …. Whole fucking banking industry went down in 08 and sponged a trillion off taxpayers over a long weekend , one exchange goes down , Western Hemisphere and advertisers on the hook … people could pull heads out of sand at any time now

  7. I’ve been with Starling for some time and have had no problems until recently when they blocked my transaction to Kraken. I’ve just opened a new account with Bank of Scotland and as a test successfully deposited £50 with Kraken.
    Seriously thinking of to BOS now


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