Our only URLs are

All other sites are scams – especially be wary of:

benumbs.cards & bennumb.cards & bennumbs.cards & benumb.cc & many more…

(it can be hard to notice the S and extra N if not careful.) 

Welcome to the real deal. 

Please bookmark this link — the other sites have simply copy/pasted our html and don’t actually have any cards to sell. 

They can be easy to fall for if you aren’t cautious!

Neatest thing to do on this case?

Simply observed a random token acquired, no clue what is that this

Finest technique to defend myself and likewise ought to I transfer tokens from this handle?



2 thoughts on “Neatest thing to do on this case?”

  1. Its a common Scam, Just leave it there and you will be fine. Trezor said they are working on a way to hide this spammed tokens, but no update just yet.

    Just let it be, You will be fine if you dont touch it


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