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Need assistance recovering doable Bitcoin from 6 years in the past

So about 6 years in the past I bought some bitcoin that I by no means used. I just lately got here throughout a notice in my telephone titled “Restoration Key” and it’s only a bunch of letters and numbers. I bear in mind having one thing like this once I bought bitcoin, however I do not know the best way to validate it or money it out. Any assist could be appreciated!

12 thoughts on “Need assistance recovering doable Bitcoin from 6 years in the past”

  1. I’m not familiar with the phrase “Recovery Key” used in a bitcoin context, although it could be related to some wallet I am not familiar with. You say it’s 128 characters, is it just alphanumeric, no periods or slashes or equal signs or anything?

    Might be worth searching your email account for bitcoin related emails.


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