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New And Studying: “Penny Crypto”?

I wish to commerce/put money into crypto, not rather a lot, haven’t got rather a lot rn, however it could by no means be an enormous chunk of my portfolio I do not assume. Anyway, so far as getting used to buying and selling, studying the charts and all the things you need to be taught, might I simply mess around with a couple of {dollars} of penny crypto? Would that be train for a newbie?

1 thought on “New And Studying: “Penny Crypto”?”

  1. What do you mean by “penny” crypto? Token with small per token value? It doesn’t really matter if you buy 0.001 of a token worth 1000$ or 1 of a token worth 1$
    Also price jumps often aren’t really higher on penny cryptos. You could try to find some that run against the market trend and time the buy and sell. As with most stocks you’re the best trader if you manage to filter the important news to be early to know how the market or a token will react.


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