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New. Staking?

Hello: the best way I perceive it’s we will obtain the browser extension MetaMask, or different wallets for various crypto?, switch your cash to Trezor T, then join it to metamask and metamask can stake ETH?
What about bitcoin? Decentraland, matic, enjin, ?
I’m truly evaluating it to the ledger X.

2 thoughts on “New. Staking?”

  1. 1- No, You cannot stake ETH unless YOU run a node, the other option is giving your ETH to Lido and they will give you a stETH in exchange. At some point you will exchange those seETH back for ETH… I wouldnt touch that even with a laser beam, BUT again, your money.

    2-You cannot Stake Bitcoin since it is POW

    3- You would be able to stake all those tokens.


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