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What is a Non VBV/MSC BIN?

A Non VBV/MSC BIN is a type of Bank Identification Number (BIN). BINs are the first 6-8 numbers of a credit card, and are used to indicate which issuing bank the card belongs to. Non VBV/MSC BINs are BINs not on the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode system. This means that transactions undertaken with these BINs can be processed without entering a verification code.

Benefits of Using Non VBV/MSC BINs

Non VBV/MSC BINs offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Faster transaction processing than with a regular BIN, as there is no need to enter a verification code.
  • Greater privacy as there is no additional verification, meaning customer data is not highlighted.
  • Lower risk of fraud, as there is less opportunity for a third-party to access transaction information.

Finding Non VBV/MSC BINs

Non VBV/MSC BINs can be found via a BIN list – a database of BINs and their associated banks. A Non VBV/MSC BINs list is a specialised version of such a list, and includes Non VBV/MSC BINs only.

These lists are widely available online, with some being free to access, and others being fee-based services. The quality of the BIN lists can vary widely, so it is best to research the source of the list to make sure the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.


Non VBV/MSC BINs offer a range of benefits, from faster transaction processing times to lower risk of fraud. Finding a Non VBV/MSC BINs list is essential in order to make use of these benefits, and **care should be taken to ensure the list bought or downloaded is accurate and up-to-date.**

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