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NYC Mayor stands by BTC and blockchain tech after fall of FTX

NYC Mayor stands by BTC and blockchain tech after fall of FTX


40 thoughts on “NYC Mayor stands by BTC and blockchain tech after fall of FTX”

  1. He does not mention Bitcoin or differentiate it from crypto at all. Kind of disappointing. He is right though that these “industries” are coming whether we like it or not. Better than being outright hostile towards it.

  2. Bitcoin != Crypto.

    It’s time for politicians, economists, and the media to stop the image-destroying assimilation of Bitcoin.

    FTX is not Bitcoin. What is happening with FTX is due to the greed of one man, Sam Bankman-Fried. It does not change what is in store for Bitcoin in the future.

    FTX is noise, Bitcoin is the real signal.

  3. Not a great response to the question. Would’ve been better to say bitcoin is in a disfunctional relationship with crypto and that FTX proves why central banks and or organisations should not be trusted.

  4. Mr. ‘You know’ since he starts practically all his sentences with ‘You know’. These people think they know more than you and think they are smarter. However, they are stupid politicians just impressing themselves while the people in business and know the business just laugh at them. Mr. ‘You know’ knows little about crypto and blockchain.

  5. NWO bank use him to cool things down. So now we know what the beast thinks and cryptocurrency is going nowhere. It’s here to stay. That’s what is being said by the ten kings who control the world.
    I am just a small voice speaking in the wind today. ????️

  6. It seems like she/he/they/them (the questions asker) was comparing crypto to FTX. Since one imploded the whole thing is bad. Crypto isn’t a company or an individual. Kinda like saying that you lost money in your IRA so kick JPMOrgan to the curb. Two different things and the performance of one is not indicative of the product itself. FTX was a broker/company/entity, cryptocurrency and blockchains are a technology.


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