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of timeLeast Amount of TimeMinimum amount

Hello everyone,

I’m new to this forum and I’m looking for some advice. I’m trying to figure out the minimum amount of money I should have saved up before I start investing. I’m not sure what the best amount is and I’m hoping to get some advice from people who have more experience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


15 thoughts on “of timeLeast Amount of TimeMinimum amount”

  1. Completely absurd way to think about things imo and I really hate posts about being a “wholecoiner” or similar. A large % of the world will probably never be able to save up even 0.1BTC but that doesn’t mean saving something in BTC isn’t desirable or doable.

    Even beyond that, it depends so much on your income, net worth, age, life goals and risk tolerance that recommending a minimum amount is futile.

  2. ASAP? 0.

    There is no rush. I would not really suggest buying 0.00001 BTC on chain because it’s to close to the minimum fees and has a high possibility of being undependable without a very long time delay.

    A recommended minimum makes no sense. I also think the rice and bean story is a bad idea, saving $4 extra today by cutting food quality won’t make a difference long term, enough BTC to buy a pizza today is not going to turn into thousands of potential pizzas in the future, that ship sailed long ago. If changing from a normal diet to rice makes a significant percentage difference in total savings it’s the wrong time to buy any investment. Investing is for when there is enough money for a good quality of life and you have extra money you don’t want to spend now.

  3. It will never be too late. There’s a lot of urgency because ppl are naturally greedy and want number go up asap. Just chill and take some time to learn. You will be more motivated to learn with some skin in the game, but also might lead to bias. Last step is to invest and dca proportional to your understanding and time horizon.

  4. I don’t think that’s the right way to look at it.

    I’d prefer to look at it as a balance between percentage of personal wealth and risk tolerance. Personally, my risk tolerance is fairly high and I have a decent amount of wealth, and that leaves me with 20-25% of my net worth in BTC.

    It’s going to be different for everyone. Factors: job, salary, risk tolerance, country of origin, savings, etc.

  5. My pal inherited his daddy’s retail business and he bought 20 coins.
    He said it’s enough for him.
    I cannot afford that many so 4 would be enough for me if I could afford them.
    How much is enough is a subjective number.
    Depends how much dough you have and how much you can save from it. Etc.

    Some people make do with a few thousand satoshis. Some have thousands of coins.
    It’s like with every asset. Some have more, some have less some have none.

    But the point is that anyone can buy 1000 satoshis if they try. Is that enough? It depends who you ask.
    But it’s better than zero.

  6. What do you mean by “minimum”? It doesn’t make sense.

    When your money is inflating away, what is the minimum amount of good savings you should get?
    There is no minimum. Any amount is better than none.

    It’s not like you must have 0.1 BTC, if you only manage to get 0.07 BTC then don’t bother.


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