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39 thoughts on “okay. what would occur to Doge value if and when twitter accepts Doge as fee?”

  1. Considering that it went from $0.06 to $0.15 merely on the announcement that Elon took over… I would guess that conservatively it would hit approximately 20 cents. If he announced an actual payment system using doge. It could be higher.

  2. This has been asked dozens of times already. Maybe you should try reading?

    #NOTHING would happen!

    Because only one thing sets prices. Completed trades. That’s it. When a buyer and a seller agree on a price, they set that price. Until the next pair come along.

    That’s why nothing we’ve ever done, from the Dogecar to multiple attempts at moon missions have done nothing of any lasting benefit.

  3. Can we be realistic? Twitter is a mess. Tesla is stock price is dropping. I think he needs to focus more on Tesla, but he can’t because he only has about a hand full of employees now at Twitter. Blue verification is delayed.

    The last thing on his priority is getting doge up.

  4. Short term: not much. Probably a dump

    Long term: Global exposure + Proven transactional capabilities in terms of speed. Dogecoin is FAST compared to most crypto

    So this would ABSOLUTELY be good but primarily in the long run. Dont expect us to hit a dollar the day after…

  5. I don’t think it’ll make a big difference. You can already tip in Bitcoin I believe. Also Twitter isn’t a huge deal anyway imho. Now if he did something with starlink and doge. That would be $1+/doge.

  6. Unlikely scenario to begin with, but if it happens it’ll take a lot longer than you’re thinking. Twitter is currently undergoing mass restructuring and will potentially file for bankruptcy. In the event that Twitter returns to its former glory they’d first have to create a new department to oversee the creation and launch of their wallets within the Twitter app. Which means they’d have to hire experienced blockchain devs. Once they have the talent and get to work you’re looking at about a year’s worth of work before wallets roll out to users on the app. IF and big IF this happens you’re looking at small scale platform adoption of the currency. Dogecoin will likely be used to pay subscription fees as well as tipping content creators, similarly to how twitch (streaming website) uses “bits” as their tipping currency. I don’t see this affecting the price of Dogecoin to the point of pushing it past $1/coin. Because Dogecoin would be used in voluntary tipping and unnecessary subscription fees the amount of people using it will be low. The concept of using Dogecoin as a currency for the app is fun and quirky, but in reality it doesn’t do much for the overall gain in value for it.

  7. It might go up. But there are plenty of bag holders that will dump. ????????‍♂️ it’s hard to say what will happen to crypto with so much bad news in the air. It will take a while for it to recover. (My Opinion)


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