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One of many worst issues occurring to bitcoin are hackers and scammers

I feel one of many largest obstacles for bitcoin to thrive are hackers, scammers and thieves . There’s a excessive likelihood if you end up holding bitcoin that you simply get hacked or scammed . There are such a lot of viruses, so many software program, so many individuals and typically even legit corporations making an attempt to rip-off you out of it . And never being that superior tech consumer makes it even simpler for the “unhealthy guys”

I think about myself a complicated tech consumer and I bought contaminated with a virus that was so superior that it in some way decrypted my pockets that had a 16 digit password by making an attempt variations of various passwords it in some way hacked from my Google Chrome password checklist . Like come on .

Sure I do know some individuals will begin speaking about how I ought to have chosen {hardware} pockets, not get the virus within the first place and many others and many others . It seems like a damaged radio the quantity of occasions that has been repeated . However each digital machine tends to cease functioning randomly . I can not recall what number of USBs and Onerous Disks I’ve misplaced .

You’ll say you could have the important thing phrases . The place will you conceal them . Cannot somebody steal it anyway ? A fireplace burns it ?

Like we have to discover out a approach to make this safer for the random consumer . You haven’t any thought how many individuals are getting hacked and scammed on a regular basis .

We have to discover a approach to make it very safe or create a quite simple system on the surface however very complicated on the within that every one newbies can seek advice from .

As an instance, a secure web site that units up up with a pockets backed up in 3 USB drives(2 backup) they usually have a 2FA with a particular firewalled cell phone and likewise wants fingerprint and password to be accessed . However it needs to be like one step setup and never take like a variety of talent to take action . As an instance you make an order via this web site they usually ship you 3 USBS – Particular Firewalled Cell Telephone – Information on find out how to arrange .

This was simply an instance .

16 thoughts on “One of many worst issues occurring to bitcoin are hackers and scammers”

  1. So trust an intermediary.

    If we can’t change bitcoin (transactions are not reversible) then the only way to properly guard it is to do things properly.
    If doing things properly is too difficult for the user or they just don’t want to have that responsibility (perfectly legitimate) then they should use an intermediary to help keep them safe (i.e. multisignature)

    What’s always going to happen, no matter what end-user security system is invented, is that if the property is bearer and uncensorable, the possibility that someone could get hold of it has to be carefully defended by its owner.

  2. > There is a high chance when you are holding bitcoin that you get hacked or scammed .

    If that was true then most Bitcoin would have been stolen already. But this is not the reality. You are theorizing something which is not true.

  3. >it somehow hacked from my Google Chrome password list

    There’s your problem right there if you use mixes of the same words for various passwords and you’ve conveniently allowed a list of them to exist. Brute forcing is easy, literally a click of a few buttons.

  4. You need to realise that you are the one responsible for losing your bitcoin.

    There are MANY things you could have done to prevent this, and the problems you mention have very practical and obvious solutions.

    You should treat this as a learning experience. Get a hardware wallet, store your seed phrase somewhere that it cannot be stolen, and in a way that it cannot be destroyed in the event of fire, etc. Better yet, memorise it too.

  5. TLDR – OP doesn’t feel comfortable storing keys offline, so he’s keeping his passwords online and then critiquing the security risks in safekeeping Bitcoin – hackers, scammers – that seed phrases, cold wallets, self-accountability and due diligence are designed to avoid. And OP is an “advanced tech user” and so therefore nobody else can be considered competent enough to safeguard their keys.

  6. Really disagree with your outlook. What should be coming to light is that Btc really shines here IF YOU OWN THE REAL THING.

    Careless custody of any shitcoin is like trying to protect a turd because the foundation is wide open to human greed anyway and relies on TRUST. Paper Bitcoin is NOT real. *Hello FTX*


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