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One of the best rationalization of #bitcoin you’ll ever hear [6:15]

One of the best rationalization of #bitcoin you’ll ever hear [6:15]


40 thoughts on “One of the best rationalization of #bitcoin you’ll ever hear [6:15]”

  1. I mean, at this point it’s just holding a prideful grudge mixed with a disconnected understanding to not get what’s going on here

    It’s literally the internet of money. Ppl are going to laugh at that for a while, but it’s inevitable

  2. this doesnt explain bitcoin at all. “what is the sky?” “its the stuff that birds use to fly, its what airplanes travel thru. its got clouds and you breathe it.

    the fact that this is “a good explanation of bitcoin” is bizarre.

  3. You weren’t kidding. So many times I see people getting caught up in explaining it’s value monetarily but not it’s potential for complete revolution of how we interact with networks of people, things and infrastructure places.

  4. this hould be must watch before anyone enter crypto world.

    Just see a lot people entering crypto don’t even understand what make btc great.

    they put all their token on CEX, never trade on DEX, don’t have private wallet.

    they got sacmmed than blamed crypto.LOL

  5. It’s not that these politicians don’t understand what it is. It’s that it’s a threat to the very system they are heavily invested in. These hearings aren’t for them. They are for educating the public.


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