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44 thoughts on “Ought to I transfer all my cash from crypto.com to MyDoge pockets?”

  1. Whatever exchange you use, it is always a good idea to move your coins into a secure wallet that only you have access to, that you secure properly.

    Imho, a mobile-wallet is not the best place to store crypto, unless you intend to spend it in a store.

    The answer of where to store is pretty simple though.

    Do you want to store it for many years to come, without any intention of selling or spending them? Put them in a Cold-Wallet.

    Do you want to have them ready to spend in a store? Put them on a mobile wallet or other hot wallet.

    Do you want to sell them within the next few days? Move them to an exchange wallet.


    You do not need to put everything you have into a single wallet. Whether you want to use 1 wallet or 100,000 wallets is entirely up to you.

  2. You should move all your coins off any exchange and into a text wallet, not wallets trapped inside black box software.

    And you also want a separate wallet for each exchange *(and any other entity or purpose you deal with)* and never mix coins. The tendency for clients to mix coins is one of the arguments against using them, since they compromise privacy and safety.

  3. To offer a different take.

    Sometimes when things start mooning the exchanges get really glitchy and hard to use. Having some crypto on the exchange to sell quickly can help you get the most out of your gains / stop losses.

    If doge starts falling out of the sky and it takes Coinbase 2 hours to clear your doge into your account to sell it. That knife could be costing you as it falls.

    However by keeping it on the exchange you run the risk it disappears. Not your keys not your crypto after all.

    Definitely get off of that particular exchange though. Coinbase is publicly traded which makes them a slightly safer group IMO and Kraken seems to be the best exchange. But really only fools trust exchanges.

  4. i would say you have two options. Move your coins from [crypto.com](https://crypto.com) to your dogeie wallet or send your dogies to your binance exhange if you’re planning on doing day trading with it.

    i’m currently thinking about my tactics with ledger live since i don’t know what ledger’s finances are like wether i lock my crypto away from them or send it to my binance account idk still in thinking stages atm.,


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