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oWaW Wednesday – #10 – Blink And You Miss It

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Hey all, GoodShibe right here!

[The Dogecoin Hackathon!](https://dogecoin.com/dogeathon/) is now full and appears prefer it was [a lot of fun!](https://twitter.com/hashtag/Dogeathon).

In different information, this final week had the Cryptosphere nonetheless looking for its footing after FTX’s huge collapse and just about each single coin/token being shaken down with it. We’re simply beginning to see a pattern again up from the valley however will it final? I actually hope so.

Although part of me is hoping I can scoop up extra cash on low cost.

Hope you all have a tremendous week!

A lot Love,


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1 thought on “oWaW Wednesday – #10 – Blink And You Miss It”

  1. I didn’t blink. I fell asleep on the couch and snoozed through the bottom. Oh well… next time, for sure.

    Did you notice we were briefly #7 on the charts? Back at #10 now of course, but still… ????


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