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Pidgin(XMPP) setup over tor questions.

Hey, so I’m attempting to arrange pidgin on tails over tor. I’ve searched about it on Reddit and on the web, however I nonetheless have some questions.
I’ve created an account and I’m utilizing jabber.calyxinstitute.org because the area.
Then I discovered that they’ve .onion domains and I ought to use them as an alternative.
Ought to I:

Put the onion deal with within the “join server” ( join port 5222)within the superior tab? As a result of that didn’t work.

Select a proxy ( tor/privateness socks5)
With host: localhost
And port 9050 / 9150

Or use each on the similar time?
I’m a bit confused right here since tails routes it’s visitors trough tor and in no tutorial couldn’t I discover solutions to the above talked about questions.

And assist/ response is significantly appreciated. Thanks.

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