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Please Assist me decide an Change

I’ve Connecticut Residency and I believe my choices for exchanges are Coinbase, Kraken, Robinhood & Gemini.

At the moment I’m invested on Etoro. They’ve wallets, simply not one for Dogecoin but.

Ought to I begin shopping for on considered one of these exchanges? (if they provide wallets) or ought to I transfer to a different trade?

Additionally contemplating staying placed on Etoro, simply uncomfortable not gaining access to my cash.

24 thoughts on “Please Assist me decide an Change”

  1. Coinbase has high fees but are supposedly legit. DYOR tho. Haven’t heard much about kraken,pretty sure Gemini is a little sketch.
    Exodus is a good mobile wallet the coinbase wallet is ok and self custody. Yoroi for Cardano, but get a cold wallet asap

  2. CB has decent fee rate if you use Advanced Trading tools rather than just their regular CB spot buying. I’ve dabbled with other exchanges but CB seems to be the best/most legit fiat on/off for US residents.

  3. If you are an active trader, then you would know what your requirements are for an exchange depending on the volume and types of trades you do.

    However if you are not a trader, then just use any exchange and then move the coins to your own wallet.

  4. I use RH and CB,both have pros and cons but are good. I like the charts more on CB and access to more coins but I like that I can invest across stocks and crypto on RH.

  5. Your safest option, besides self custody, is a US based publicly traded exchange. Either Coinbase or Robinhood.

    Robinhood does not offer crypto lending or earn products, and is very selective about coins they list to protect customers. Coinbase wanted to offer an earn product last year and the SEC (US stock regulatory body) would not let them. Hindsight says that was a good idea.

    Both are HIGHLY regulated, offer fraud protection and would be extremely unlikely to fail. Robinhood offers no fee crypto and has a traditional brokerage for stock trading. Coinbase offers more coins to trade, and has worldwide services.


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