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17 thoughts on “Polygon Introducing Blockchain-Primarily based WEB3 Soccer Collectibles”

  1. > In addition to developing the NFTs and the FIFA World Cup, FIFA has worked with a 3 million-user metaverse to increase fandom in the Virtual World.

    WTF does this even sentence mean? LMAO

    Also, Polygon has became a staple name in any partnership which includes an institutional giant entering into NFT and web3.

  2. The reason why you keep seeing all these news about MATIC is because it is quick, fast, cheap and reliable. And these help to onboard institutional clients and also retail adoption.

    Everything that an efficient blockchain should be!

  3. tldr; Polygon is introducing 32 digital polygon football collections to celebrate the beautiful game and build the global community on the Polygon blockchain. Each nation is creating the WEB3 on Polygon and introducing the NFTs to honour the game. Polygon states that Web3 and football bring the world’s nations together to create magic.

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