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Potential rip-off going round (or I’m simply new)

Hello. Thought I’d try to make a submit about this. I entered right into a “giveaway” yesterday and acquired an nft of a trustwallet with the key phrase. Logged on to search out $4000 in usdt TRC20. Needed to analysis methods to convert/ship to totally different addresses. I noticed it required roughly $.92 price of Tron. I seemed into the TRON transactions and noticed a ton of addresses sending numerous quantities of tron solely to have it withdrawn by a singular different deal with inside 2 minutes.

Simply thought to place that on the market as I virtually misplaced a bit of cash. Effectively, I did add $15 onto binance to try to ship it however fortunately the prevented me from sending cash for 10 days.

41 thoughts on “Potential rip-off going round (or I’m simply new)”

  1. Hello DaddyDuma69. It looks like you might have found a new scam? If so, please report this scam by crossposting to r/CryptoScams, r/CryptoScamReport, or visiting [scam-alert.io](http://scam-alert.io/). For tips on how to avoid scams, [click here](https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/s7srty/crypto_scams_how_not_to_fall_for_them_what_to_do/).

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  2. We had exactly this scam posted here today already

    Don’t try to fund that wallet with TRX for gas.

    They will instantly drain the TRON via a script from that wallet if you transfer something to it.

    it’s a known Scam

  3. Kinda like all those posts on twitter that claim they are giving away whatever crypto or nft and to drop your wallet. Next thing you know lots of scam stuff shows up in it. However, if you use a burner then send their crap to sol incinerator free money lol.

  4. You’re definitely just new.

    If the oldest trick in the book is “you need to validate your wallet, enter your seed phrase here” then this is the second oldest trick in the book.

    The scammer’s wallet is likely multi-sig. Even if you did deposit the gas token, and manage to be faster than the bots, you’d literally be unable to remove any funds from that wallet.

  5. It’s a scam, it uses multi sig wallet, basically they just give you a read only seed phrase, and no matter what you do you can’t withdraw funds from the address, because someone else needs to validate the transaction with their sig, which you do not have.

    They basically bait people into sending funds to their wallet to try to withdraw that unwithdrawable money.

    Also, the bot isn’t just a super fast bot, in fact it’s just a periodic withdraw, so don’t even bother trying to send money fast and withdraw fast, because wether the bot withdraws money or not, you wouldn’t be able to withdraw anyway since it’s a multi sig.

    Quite a clever scam, since it assumes the victim is more likely to try to steal than do anything else.

  6. Meanwhile Ive been getting daily google sheets share requests since the kraken helpdesk contacts got leaked. Not krakens fault but certainly zendesk. As to what google sheets could have that could be a vector for a scam. No clue. Can u add code to a google sheet?

  7. Welcome to crypto where a scam is going around 24/7 365. You’ll see the fake giveaway scam 1000s of times more if you stick around. It’s no different than people claiming to be giving away cash or bricks of gold. It doesn’t exist except for scams.


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