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7 thoughts on “Promote bitcoin money to me in 10 factors.”

  1. – Working p2p cash with cheap fees and instant 0-conf payments supporting double-spend proofs
    – Pushing on the front of UTXO DeFi and evolving Bitcoin tech, meaning native tokens, options contracts, non-custodian trading, prediction markets, etc… first product: https://app.bchbull.com/
    – Lots of open-source wallets and software for accepting payments
    – Merchant adoption growing in hotspots like St Kitts and Nevis and St Martin, legal tender laws on their govts roadmap for ’23.
    – 5 independent node implementations
    – Immaculate conception / fair distribution because it forked from the first Bitcoin blockchain so our blockchain traces back to Bitcoin genesis and the history 2009-2017 is exactly the same as that of BTC.

  2. I appreciate this, OP! It’s always good to hear the best reasons for doing anything with money right now.

    Can someone tell me the status of the bridge that was supposed to revolutionize ease of moving BCH around?


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