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Prospective InvestorNew investor

Hello everyone!

I’m a new investor and I’m looking for some advice on how to get started. I’m interested in learning about different investment strategies and what I should be aware of when investing. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

-New Investor

7 thoughts on “Prospective InvestorNew investor”

  1. If you’re able to, Shakepay is a good service here in Canada, especially if you only want Bitcoin. You can also shake your phone every day for free Bitcoin (this feature is only available if you sign up with a referral code). Once you transfer to a hardware wallet, your assets become borderless and are easy to take with you back home. Especially if you plan to accumulate and not sell for 20 years. The part you need to research is how to safely keep your seed phrase if you plan to migrate. Maybe something like a Tangem card might work in your case.

  2. مرحبا صديقي

    You are asking the right questions. If I were (as an experienced crypto nerd) to give you 3 pieces of advice, they would be this:

    1 – you need to get a hardware wallet for any significant amount of bitcoin. Do not underestimate the skills of hackers, don’t take unnecessary risks. It’s essential to protect your investment or it will be a waste. Get a coldcard from coinkite directly from their website. I believe they are based in Canada like you and they are the best, truly.

    2 – you are wise to see if gains can be protected. You don’t need to rely on family in the middle east, however. You can succeed by buying a small amount on coinbase PRO (not regular coinbase as they have higher fees), then transfer that to Bisq and start buying bitcoin on bisq anonymously. (You need a small quantity for escrow to start trading there). After collecting any amount worth more than 100 CAD. transfer it to the hardware wallet for safe keeping.

    3 – the most important part: trust nobody. Not even me. Your friends can betray you and family use you or abandon you if you refuse to be used. Keep it a secret. Tell nobody what you own even if it’s a small and modest investment. Do not speak to strangers about it and further do not give them anything. Not even the time of day. People are out to get your bitcoin, unfortunately its a truth of the reality we live in. If you have questions, do as you did here and post in public where everyone can see everything. Otherwise you can and will lose everything.

    Good luck, my friend. Truly I wish you the best. Masalaama.

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    More info https://www.bullbitcoin.com/blog/bull-bitcoin-launches-no-kyc-bitcoin-purchases-with-cash-or-debit


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