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Public Letter from Silvergate Capital Company Chief Government Officer Alan Lane

Public Letter from Silvergate Capital Company Chief Government Officer Alan Lane

4 thoughts on “Public Letter from Silvergate Capital Company Chief Government Officer Alan Lane”

  1. #tl;dr

    We conducted extensive due diligence on FTX and Alameda Research.
    – conducted significant due diligence on FTX and its related entities including Alameda Research, both during the onboarding process and through ongoing monitoring…
    – … Silvergate received payments directed to Alameda Research and credited it to the account of the same name, this was consistent with the instructions from the sender of the wire and industry practice
    – if we detect activity that is unexpected or potentially concerning in any account, we conduct an investigation and, when required, confidentially file a suspicious activity report in accordance with federal regulation.

    We have a resilient balance sheet and ample liquidity.

    – our customers’ deposits are, and have always been, safely held.
    – our entire investment securities portfolio can be pledged for borrowings at the Federal Home Loan Bank, other financial institutions, and the Federal Reserve Discount Window – and can ultimately be sold should we need to generate liquidity to satisfy customer withdrawal request.
    – intentionally carry cash and securities in excess of our digital asset related deposit liabilities.

  2. Silvergate’s public letter appears written with confidence that customers will not withdraw funds in significant amounts. No reason to suspect differently when dealing with precious metals.

    I wonder about the lending mentioned. DTCC is notorious for FTDs (failures to deliver) as a way of taking collateral without returning it. Additionally, DTCC members have admitted to manipulating precious metals prices by issuing futures in excess of commodity supply. Along with that, creating derivatives on borrowed commodities is a questionable practice. What would they do if delivery is taken in large amounts; give away the borrowed commodity?


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