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Pure Gasoline Flaring for Bitcoin Mining

After I learn articles like this, on the objective of decreasing pure gasoline flaring, I ponder how the bitcoin group may help to push bitcoin mining as a approach to make the most of this wasted vitality. Any concepts?

I might assume that any main firms producing this waste would have checked into this risk however perhaps not. If not, perhaps getting some key info to “the powers that be” may make a distinction.
Once more simply in search of concepts on what we as a group can do to push these concepts ahead.

4 thoughts on “Pure Gasoline Flaring for Bitcoin Mining”

  1. Mining from flared natural gas has been occurring for quite a while. Bitcoin is indeed such a good solution to this and for utilizing most other forms of stranded energy that it didn’t take long for people to make the connection.

    Edit: In addition to enterprising people already building companies utilizing these energy sources, we have groups like the Bitcoin Mining Council and the Bitcoin Policy Institute for advocacy. I’m not associated with any such groups, but if you’re really interested in the practical solutions that Bitcoin provides and advocacy, you could check with some of these groups to see how you can help out.

  2. It could be a nice extra profit for the company operating the oil wells, but it would in no way help the environment if BTC miners are attached. The same gas is flared anyway with the same outputs.


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