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Query about connecting a pockets to a node…

My node is absolutely synced and I wish to join my pockets to it. The factor is its all kyc btc. Are there cons to connecting the pockets with kyc btc to the node that I ought to pay attention to? Would I be higher off coinjoining the btc, sending to a different pockets after which connecting that new pockets to the node? Thanks upfront

3 thoughts on “Query about connecting a pockets to a node…”

  1. Yes, use your node. Never use another and do it over tor. You do not want to expose your xpub to anyone. Whether your sats are traceable to your identity from how/where you procured them is an entirely separate question from node use.

  2. > Are there cons to connecting the wallet with kyc btc to the node that I should be aware of?

    Not at all, that’s the beauty of using your own node. Nobody else can spy on your transactions or read the contents of your wallet (like any other third party node can do).

    Regardless of that, you probably might want to look into coinjoin (doesn’t have anything to do with using your own node though).


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