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Query for these which can be smarter than me.

I presently use 2 completely different CEX’s for sure causes, after studying into SBF and the way he made his cash I’ve realised the two exchanges have completely different costs for Bitcoin (about $300 deviation) would this deviation be soaked up in switch price’s and purchase/promote price’s from the exchanges? If it is not soaked up by price’s then could not you simply purchase on one change – switch – promote at a revenue?

What am I lacking?

6 thoughts on “Query for these which can be smarter than me.”

  1. >If it’s not soaked up by fee’s then couldn’t you just buy on one exchange – transfer – sell at a profit?

    Yes you can, it’s called arbitrage. You should verify all the fees to see if it’s profitable. You do have the risk of any price fluctuations and also the risks of using CEXs. Usually the profit margins are small, so you’ll need large amounts of capital to make it work. If you do this with lots of money the fees will also be proportionally less since some of the fees are fixed fees.


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