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Questions on Injective protocol

Simply to make all the pieces clear I maintain 3k INJ. I preferred the concept of the venture, however misplaced a observe a bit so I’ve a query for you mofos. I’ve checked the public sale web page within the dashboard and I may see the historical past of auctions and it is clear that previous auctions have been large in comparison with these days. What induced this drastic drop in measurement of auctions which additionally made me imagine the amount/utilization on protocol itselfis down!? Was it Ethereum congestion, transfer to native token, change in protocol or one thing else, please let me know! Thanks upfront!

7 thoughts on “Questions on Injective protocol”

  1. It signed a pack of suicide with the Cosmos the day they enabled ibc so it’s affected by ATOM price action. But that’s a good thing ????

    As for usage it’s really just because of this market, all the tourists are gone, lol come back guys!

  2. Hi, fellow INJ holder here was surprised to see it on first page haha. INJ is fine, now whit FTX shitshow people are more aware of the need for DEX’es then ever and will probably be a big part of the next bullrun.

    As for auctions and activity in general it’s not surprising it’s acting like all other projects right now, volume is low everywhere. It will succeed I’m sure of that, it has an insane team and backers but as usual people will start FOMO near the top.


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