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r/Bitcoin to Go Dark for 48 Hours on June 12th in Protest of Reddit’s API Changes


On June 12th, the popular subreddit r/Bitcoin will go dark for 48 hours in protest of Reddit’s recent API changes. These changes will have a major impact on 3rd party applications that rely on Reddit’s API, and the Bitcoin community is taking a stand against them.

The API changes, which were announced on May 28th, will limit the amount of data that 3rd party applications can access. This will make it difficult for developers to create applications that rely on Reddit’s data, and could potentially lead to the death of many popular 3rd party apps.

The Bitcoin community is particularly concerned about the impact of these changes, as many of the most popular Bitcoin-related apps rely on Reddit’s API. These apps provide valuable services to the Bitcoin community, such as price tracking, news aggregation, and more. Without these apps, the Bitcoin community would be left without a way to easily access the information they need.

In response to the API changes, the r/Bitcoin subreddit will go dark for 48 hours starting on June 12th. During this time, the subreddit will be inaccessible to all users, and no new posts or comments will be allowed. This is a powerful statement from the Bitcoin community, and a reminder that Reddit needs to take the needs of its users into account when making changes to its platform.

The Bitcoin community is hoping that this protest will send a message to Reddit and encourage them to reconsider their API changes. If Reddit does not make changes to their API, it could have a devastating impact on the Bitcoin community and the 3rd party apps that they rely on. We will have to wait and see what happens, but one thing is for sure: the Bitcoin community is not going to take these changes lying down.

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