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r/cryptocurrency is a sh*thole

I spent quite a lot of time in that subreddit, and I can say that I loved my time there, that’s till I grew to become a Bitcoin maxi.

Now I see that place for what it truly is; a shitcoin expo.

r cryptocurrency represents the worst of crypto tradition and the sub has no outlined message it needs to place ahead apart from purchase these shitcoins.

Bitcoin posts are restricted to 50 a day, 50!

That subreddit, wether deliberately or in any other case is unhealthy for bitcoin adoption and so good for people who want to keep the established order.

Divide and conquer your enemy.

Good job r cryptocurrency, technique to throw out the infant with the bathtub water.

Edit: Grammatical errors.

43 thoughts on “r/cryptocurrency is a sh*thole”

  1. Every popular coin has a post limit in r/CC. BTC has the highest limit since it’s most popular. It’s a sub to discuss all things crypto, not just BTC.

    I’ve personally gotten a lot of great insight from there. If you’re looking to moon quickly and/or just jumping into things without researching them, then that sub could be a risky place. But everything is really, if that’s someone’s approach.

  2. No doubt. Just think about the values that are important here vs there. They just care about trading and get rich quick schemes. Anybody there run a node? Nope. All their shitcoins run on AWS.

    Here it is about self-sovereignty and not having to trust anyone.

  3. It’s not all garbage IMHO. I think it’s a place for good debate with the “crpyto” crowd. People are trying to find the signal amongst the noise and generally speaking there is a lot of positivity towards Bitcoin over there. Albeit tossed in with a lot of shitcoinery.

    Remember, most started out holding a bunch of shitcoins. They’ll find their way eventually.

  4. I dont think it s bad. It is what it is. I also write on cryptocurrency sub and spread the love for Bitcoin. Also, beside your name they can see how many ++ voted articles you have on the bitcoin sub.

    Sure, there s mostly shitcoiners, but arent they allowed to learn?

  5. A year ago in /cc it was ‘btc is slow, old tech, boomer coin’ etc. They didn’t understand the fundamentals, they just wanted to get rich quick on the next big thing. Now in the bear, there is positivity for btc because all the crypto bros have been defeated. Huzzah.

    This is my second bear market, and the communities are always so much better during these times. All the trash has taken itself out.

  6. To be honest, I have to disagree there. I see the same amount of crap here than there… There are quite some reasonable posts on both subreddits and quite a lot of unreasonable shilling. I’d say that none of the extrems are good. My highest conviction crypto is BTC but it isn’t healthy to become a blind maximalist and disregard all other projects imo

  7. Friend of mine got scammed and tried to ask for genuine help on the subreddit. Posted the name of the website where he got scammed but didn’t post a link.

    Aside from all the asshats trying to be funny some douche even reported me because I was the scammer?! Ah yes, seven years or so on Reddit and suddenly I try to scam you.

    Long story short, it was terrible, nobody helped my buddy.

  8. Yes because all the people there are not who you think they are…. it’s all feds, IRS agents and people who are nefarious trying to sway opinion. Big bankers all kinds of propaganda and bs there’s no real conversation about crypto.


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