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Reminder for Those Impacted by the Celsius BankruptcyReminder to all the Celsius bankruptcy victims

Hello everyone,

I wanted to remind all of the victims of the Celsius bankruptcy that there is still hope. The bankruptcy court is currently in the process of determining how to distribute the remaining assets of Celsius. If you were a victim of the bankruptcy, you should make sure to keep up to date with the proceedings and make sure to submit any claims you may have.

It’s important to remember that the process may take some time, but the court is doing its best to ensure that all victims are compensated fairly. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the court or to other victims who may have more information.

[Your Name]

18 thoughts on “Reminder for Those Impacted by the Celsius BankruptcyReminder to all the Celsius bankruptcy victims”

  1. Happy for this chapter to almost come to a close. Also would suggest checking out the celsius subreddit to see input from other people in your respective class and how different outcomes might affect you

  2. I actually know someone caught up in this. He had a lot of BTC in his and his daughters name. He’s a real jerk. He had some recovered for himself and his daughter. His kids hate him and his daughter was unaware of the account. He needed her to sign something and she wouldn’t help him.

    Don’t be a jerk.

  3. Thanks for sharing this op. Been following this closely because Celsius has my BTC. Donโ€™t expect to get much back but itโ€™s important to participate in this process. Best of luck.

  4. I still have several ETH stuck in Celsius. I really wish we can get back what we are able to, I donโ€™t want no damn stocks, sever all ties with Celsius. Get my coins and never look back. Mistake learned..


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