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Review of /u/IntegralAlchemist 's Incredible Changa

Type of orderSample
OrderReceived: 1.5Grams of changa
Service5/5Great guy, didn’t even know I wanted this and he sent a sample. Was incredible!
Shipping5/5Fast xPress Canadian post
Stealth5/5Great as always, Vac sealed and lowkey
Communication4/5Sometimes takes a while to reply, but hey if I was dealing the Deemts I’d be a busy guy too lol
Product info
Quantity1.5 Grams of the best changa on the market
Price Value5/5Would buy 500 grams of this stuff if I had the money. Super clean hit with incredible effects!
Aesthetic5/5Looks,Smells great, all fresh and dried
Pictures Pics coming soon. Will be a moment


Was seriously one of the most easiest clean DMT experiences I’ve ever had. Super easy for beginners or old time vets alike. Learned so much about myself of the short period while it was active. Will certainly buy at least 2-5 grams when I get the chance according to my budget. Hits like a soft train pulling into the station where all of your best friends want to share and love each other. Really to cool to put into words. Let me know if you’d like to explain more in depth what I experienced. Was thrilling in a great way.

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