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RobinHood Actually Stole My Crypto

Let me get this out of the best way first… I dont use robin hood to purchase, commerce, or retailer my crypto. I solely use it to ship funds there to money out from worthwhile trades since I can immediately deposit the cash into my checking account… So yesterday I had despatched some matic from Kucoin to my RH account. The transaction was authorized and went by means of RH’s “ultimate verify” and the matic was deposited into my account. I even received the pop up notification saying “you obtained (x) quantity of matic”. It reveals it was deposited on their finish in addition to it reveals up on blockchain explorer. And thoughts you the matic was bodily in my account yesterday. I get up this morning and my matic I transferred yesterday is simply gone from my account. On the matic web page on RH towards the underside it reveals ur historical past of transactions and it now reveals the 2 transactions failed however then it additionally reveals they went although. Once more it reveals in two locations on RH i obtained the matic and it went by means of the method of confirming the transactions they usually have been in my account however now they’re gone. Obtained ahold of assist and they’re “trying into it” bc even they stated it reveals it went by means of on their finish. Its sketchy asf they cant simply take ur crypto . The one failed transaction says “sorry we cant credit score ur account bc the transaction failed”.. which means they took my crypto i had already purchased from kucoin and that i already i owned regardless that every little thing went by means of and is documented on chain in addition to on RH. This could make everybody weary figuring out they will pull ur personal crypto from ur account as they please. Even crypto u purchased and already personal and are simply sending to their platform and that was sitting in your account for a day.

*Tried postin this in Robinhood web page and wont let me bc my karma is simply too low ???? wont let me put up it in cryptocurrency both for some motive

13 thoughts on “RobinHood Actually Stole My Crypto”

  1. With Robinhood it was never your crypto. Robinhood is likely the worst place to do anything crypto. It isn’t a wallet and you are unable to mive it from the address it is “stored” on through them.

  2. Like I mentioned I literally only use RH to transfer funds to my bank acct. In the process of waiting for my matic to arrive to my acct i got busy at work. It slipped my mind I had sent the matic there so I got on this morning to finish the process of moving the funds to my bank and thats when I noticed my matic was gone. I then double checked everything to make sure it had arrived which it did..but I do not hold any crypto on RH for usually any longer than what it takes for me to receive it, sell it and transfer the USD to my bank. I can assure you guys RH is not a platform I utilize for anything other than a crypto to fiat off ramp. Dirt cheap fees and instant deposits is why I used it.. but anyways CS got back with me and are now claiming there was an “outage” and they are still working on figuring it out. I called bullshit and told them that makes zero since considering the transaction was confirmed and fully approved as well as the matic was in my account. Not to mention it was in my acct for around 12 hours before it disappeared..Had there been an outage one would assume the transaction would have never went through, been approved and processed along with the matic being deposited. I guess I will be going back to utilizing binance as my off ramp.. I just made this post to make others aware that RH has the ability to take your crypto as they please. Whether it was a system error or not, once the crypto is in your account (especially when its crypto u bought and own and was just sending it to the platform) they or their system should not have the ability to take it from your account.

    I tried editing my post so I could post a pic of the email from CS with them stating it was due to an outage but it wouldnt let me


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