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RobinHood Does have a WALLET. I’ve it, BIG FAN.

I used to be within the first 20K to check the RobinHood Crypto pockets. Im undecided if you happen to nonetheless have to enroll on a waitlist, however i do have the crypto pockets which permits me to ship crypto in any quantity to every other pockets. It additionally means i personal my crypto and its held in my particular person pockets VS robinhood holding it and exhibiting my “Stability”. With the robinhood pockets i may technically ship it to a harddrive pockets and put it on chilly storage or no matter i select. Undecided if everybody was conscious or not. ALSO, Robinhood was NOT Invested in FTX. Sam has a 7% share of Robinhood however these will in all probability be liquidated to cowl his bankrupty. It’s going to damage the Robinhood share value however has no impact on the Robinhood wallets. Only a heads up. 🙂

11 thoughts on “RobinHood Does have a WALLET. I’ve it, BIG FAN.”

  1. Just to add to this though, holding them within those wallets and not your own is still risky. Technically they are custodial, meaning although they are yours, Robinhood retains the keys to maintain security etc. In the unlikely event they were to fold without a buyer, most of the crypto they hold, including user funds, would be liquidated to cover bankruptcy. RH has been my go to exchange after my issues with coinbase but I still wouldn’t hold on there what you’re not willing to lose.

  2. Sorry, but this remains misinformation.

    #There ARE NO RH wallets as such.

    They give you a deposit address, which is part of one of their HD wallets. And when coins are deposited to these wallets, they are quickly flushed out, eventually into cold multisig wallets. And if you request a withdrawal, they will send you the coins as and when they feel like it, again from one of their wallets.

    This is exactly how every exchange operates.

    It is not like say SoDogeTip or DogePal, both of which give you actual wallets that you are encouraged to take the keys for.

    If RH did an FTX, those coins would be just as lost as what people have lost there.

    Again, Not your Keys, NOT your Coins!

  3. How would RH hold cryto if not in a wallet?

    > I have it, BIG FAN.

    You stole their wallet?

    > I was in the first 20K to test the RobinHood Crypto wallet.

    No. RH sends stuff from THEIR wallet to yours when you tell them you want to withdraw from your account.

    You have a number in a spreadsheet assigned to your account.

    > It also means i own my crypto

    No. Crypto is a bearer asset, not your keys not your ownership.

    You own a debt denominated in doge.

    > It also means i own my crypto and its held in my individual wallet VS robinhood holding it and showing my “Balance”.

    The latter is the situation.

    > Not sure if everyone was aware or not.

    I’m sure you are not aware.

  4. Im a fan too, I use it to hold small amounts of BTC that I daily buy, I then transfer to my ledger every so often. I am having a problem though, sometimes its tricky to send crypto, saying not enough for network fees when I obviously do. Any experience with this?


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