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5 thoughts on “Sam Bankman-Fraud struggles to reply Coffeezilla’s questions”

  1. Is anyone else just absolutely blown away by the level of arrogance in scam bank fraud? I mean if I did what he did I would be in the middle of nowhere with a stash of money. Living under an alias, never contacting anyone I have ever had contact with before. My life until the day I die would consist of hunting and living in a cabin along with satellite internet and some amenities

    I know what the alternative is for what he has done

    He might not get out of prison for a very long time. I suppose there is always the possibility that he gets some ridiculous plea deal for like 3 years but the risk of getting something like 20+ is just way too high. The level of stupidity trying to talk your way out of this …it’s just hard to even comprehend


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