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Sam Bankman-Fried nonetheless talking at occasions and the neighborhood is livid

Sam Bankman-Fried nonetheless talking at occasions and the neighborhood is livid

49 thoughts on “Sam Bankman-Fried nonetheless talking at occasions and the neighborhood is livid”

  1. tldr; Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is scheduled to speak at the DealBook Summit in New York City on November 30. The former CEO of the now-bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange will be interviewed by New York Times journalist Andrew Sorkin, who said, “There are a lot of important questions to be asked and answered.”

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  2. He’s a political sponsor of the democrats and a clear cut thief and scammer.

    They should witch hunt him like they do anyone within a 5 mile radius of the Capitol on Jan 6th.

    But he’s still getting fluff media pieces and is free running around.

    If this doesn’t prove media and political bias – nothing ever will.

    He straight robbed everyone.

  3. Just permanently interrupt him and ask him if he is getting his backside kicked by 8 year olds at league while he’s giving his talk. And if he stops clicking around, ask him if he’s too chicken to face them.

  4. This is utterly disgusting, I’ve been grinding this asshole up up from the start.shady ass arbitrage trader,lived off mommy and daddy his whole life. Most likely he had something to do with the beginning of this all back when Ust failed.Then he put up a front to help bail out companies by lending money or using liquidity with his ftt token which was a complete Ponzi, ran too many scams in his head and got confused and screwed it all up, he couldn’t even keep his own book in order, Now alot a lot of people got burned. But yet somehow this punk can still go around and get money from talking about crypto he should be in jail and done.


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