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7 thoughts on “SBF CAUGHT In Lie By The Asset Information He Offered To Forbes Billionaire Listing”

  1. from the transcript:

    “This is an SPF update which is very important and is going really unnoticed by the mainstream media with crypto media actually the one who picked up on it.

    Let’s put this up there on screen – so they show that SPF actually had detailed information on Alameda research’s finances as recently as March according to Forbes. Now why does this matter?

    Because SPF was such a narcissist that he actually compiled a Google Doc with his own net worth calculated by basically his own analysis that was sent over to Forbes. Now that Google Doc which had a sum of some 30 billion dollars according to his net worth then for the total market listed in detail the balance sheet and more both of FTX of his own personal wealth and Alameda research funds directly under management.

    Why does that matter because? – because the co-mingling of FTX and Alameda assets are exactly what led to the downfall of FTX in the first place after a run on the FTT token.

    Now let’s remember in the New York Times interview with SPF, that insane interview which we covered here SBF said about Alameda, “It is not a company I ran, it’s not a company I’ve run for the last couple of years, and Alameda’s finances I was not deeply aware of I was only surface level aware of Alameda’s finances.”

    Now here’s the thing, when you actually look at his ownership stake of 90% of Alameda research and then the 50% of FTX, he actually had that Google sheet directly list the assets and the specific coins on the FTX equity.”


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