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SBF did completely nothing fallacious.

I will take the hate; He did not do something fallacious. I see all this bitching about nothing.

Unregulated means precisely that. You need no guidelines and arms off your stuff. That is precisely what you bought. The one shocking factor is that this occurs so not often. This ought to be occurring each day.

What did you anticipate to occur. Do you actually suppose it will not occur once more. And once more. And once more. In barely other ways however the identical actual shit time and again. Critically?

What number of instances are we going to see the identical god rattling story with a barely totally different twist and also you’re all shocked and appalled that somebody performed the sport the best way it is meant to be performed.

23 thoughts on “SBF did completely nothing fallacious.”

  1. – fraud is not ‘part of the game’, nor is how it’s “intended to be played”
    – commingling funds when investors/users are told it doesn’t happen isn’t legitimate, it never was
    – as much as anyone says there are no regulations, after 9/11 any business operating in the US has daily strict financial rules to follow (FTX US, and why SBF has said often that the US arm is okay); this isn’t the same as FYX International

  2. SBF raised capital from US investors. If he misrepresented the financial position of his exchange during that process, he committed fraud.

    That will be very easy to prove. The $MOB event alone, where supposedly FTX took a $1b hit and subsequently moved the loss to Alamedas book (thereby hiding it from investors) is a prime example.

    It’s clearly a loss from operating FTX. And that one loss alone would have swung their 300m profit in 2021 to a loss of 600m+. Clearly that would have a major impact on their valuation.

  3. Look buddy, I’m one of the most “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” crusty old curmudgeons out here, and even I think you’re completely off the mark.

    Yes, there are scammers. And yes, the space is unregulated. And yes, that means that it will attract scammers. Yes, folks in the space have to stay alert or they will become victims of scammers. And yes, there will be victims. And yes, I’ll say “well, what did you expect???” Have said so.

    But that doesn’t make scamming OK, or right. People can make mistakes and still be victims. People can trust when they shouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean a breach of trust is “OK”. That just normalizes fraud, which is morally wrong. It’s ironic that the technology developed to obliterate fraud is the target of massive fraud… but a good fraud is nothing if not ironic.

    SBF did wrong, and will be brought to justice. Unfortunately, by virtue of extra-regulatory operation of crypto, the amount of justice that can be doled out upon his hide may not satisfy a lot of people.


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