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25 thoughts on “SBF ever going to face expenses?”

  1. Andrew Sorkin…act like an investigative reporter and do your job. This soft media approach to SBF and his little cabal of thieves has been nothing short of laughable.

  2. Is he just too protected? It kinda reminds me of the mob stuff you see in movies where the business owner pays for protection. He was the 2nd largest donor to the dems after all. His family has huge connections in Washington too, this is a shitshow of unknown proportions. Remind me in one year
    He will not do any jail time. I’m saying it now with certainty because if he goes down he’s taking alot of powerful people with him.

  3. In 2008, Bernie Madoff was arrested within 24 hours of his fraud being revealed.

    In 2022, Sam Bankman-Fried will be attending the NYTimes dealbook summit after his fraud was revealed.

  4. This guy is 100% going to jail. His fraud is just so big they have no idea how to sort it out yet. He will end up doing major time though once most of his “connections” realize how much money he’s lost them.

  5. Of course it does…. How has the government not arrested him yet. Simple look whose in control. Look who received major donations. This is sickening whether is was D or R this dude is still jet setting around the world on other peoples money. He needs the death penalty.

  6. He’s become an overnight sensation. All that will come of the FTX fiasco is him getting notoriety outside of the crypto industry. Major book and movie deals in the works.

    When you have dirt on them, they McAfee/Epstein you. When you scam plebs and donate the money to their political campaigns they set you up with NYT interviews to spin public opinion.


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