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SBF mustn’t seem on podcasts, however must be in jail

I just lately learn a number of MSM articles concerning the collapse of FTX that steered that the collapse was an accident, however I strongly disagree. I imagine that the collapse of FTX was a criminal offense, plain and easy, and this is why.

As you all know by now, FTX was a cryptocurrency trade that was based in 2018. It shortly grew in recognition, and by 2021 it was one of many largest exchanges on this planet. Nonetheless, in the previous few weeks, the trade abruptly collapsed, leaving its clients with tens of millions of {dollars} in losses.

The articles I learn steered that the collapse was an accident, brought on by a mixture of dangerous luck and dangerous administration. That is what SBF has been saying on podcasts, panels and interviews. Nonetheless, that is clearly not the case.

To begin with, there’s **proof that the collapse was brought on by fraud**. In response to experiences, the trade was utilizing a “pump and dump” scheme to artificially inflate the costs of sure cryptocurrencies. It is a type of market manipulation, which is illegitimate in most international locations. Moreover, there’s proof that the trade was utilizing buyer funds to pay for its personal bills, which can be unlawful.

Second, there’s proof that the trade was not correctly regulated. The trade was not registered with any regulatory physique, and it was not topic to any oversight. Which means the trade was working with none oversight or accountability, which is a recipe for catastrophe.

Lastly, there’s proof that the trade was not clear. In response to experiences, the trade was not offering its clients with correct details about its operations.

**This lack of transparency made it troublesome for patrons to make knowledgeable choices about their investments. How will you blame them?**

For all these causes, I imagine that the collapse of FTX was a criminal offense, not an accident. The proof means that the trade was partaking in fraud, working with out correct regulation, and never being clear with its clients. These actions are unlawful, and they’re the reason for the trade’s collapse.

I hope the mainstream media will probably be trustworthy about this any longer, and I want they’d been extra essential of SBF, the corrupted grifter.

28 thoughts on “SBF mustn’t seem on podcasts, however must be in jail”

  1. Do you mean the Twitter thing? Yeah…no idea why he agreed to that. On the bright side it might cause him to go to prison even faster or longer if he continues to lie and expose himself like that…who knows.

  2. Yeah, we all want to see SBF suffer the consequences of his actions, but you can’t just lock someone up with no due process. He needs to be charged accordingly and either a deal or trial must take place. It seems like most people here just want to see the guy burn without proper judicial authority. Let’s not go back to the dark ages, guys. Prosecutors are working on the case, be patient.

  3. Listened to a couple of his interviews, he thinks he walks away from this situation by pleading ignorance of any fraudulent activities… said “I had a lot going on at the time” suggesting he didn’t know what was going on….riiiiiiiighhhht….

  4. >Finally, there is evidence that the exchange was not transparent. According to reports, the exchange was not providing its customers with accurate information about its operations.

    >This lack of transparency made it difficult for customers to make informed decisions about their investments. How can you blame them?

    Maybe if a 20-something American starts two crypto ventures in the Bahamas, don’t trust him?

    But that’s the issue with this sub. Any actual info that helps people get out of a scam gets deleted because it’s “FUD”.

  5. Yes, everyone in here thinks it is a crime.


    1. Financial crimes can take a long time to investigate, longer than an episode of Law & Order. We could be waiting many more months. Enron took years to go to trial.

    2. Every media appearance he makes is a chance to slip up further.

    Leave him to do more appearances. The only person he is hurting is himself.

  6. it’s a feedback loop of giving an exploitative sociopath a platform so they can harvest views from their followers, and if their lucky pickup a headliner if (really when) SBF starts making ridiculous statements

  7. – Podcasts get views and money from it
    – He tries to talk his way out of fraud and be the good guy but is giving more evidence to everyone

    They transferred customer funds and bought up real estate. They know what they did it wasn’t a “I’m sorry mistakes happen” they outright lied and stole


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