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Searching for an alternate the place I can margin commerce with minimal or no verification needed

It has been some time since I day traded these things. It was once that no verification was needed; so I am on the lookout for suggestions, as I am getting again into it. Thanks prematurely!

11 thoughts on “Searching for an alternate the place I can margin commerce with minimal or no verification needed”

  1. CoinSwitch is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges that require no KYC verification since it allows you to trade crypto at the best rates. They allow you to trade 400+ cryptos, cryptocurrencies, and tokens without having to create an account on any exchange.

  2. PrimeXBT depending on your region. All major instruments in Crypto, Indices, Commodities and FOREX.

    It also has a demo account feature where you can actually win money in weekly trading competitions – don’t need to deposit anything to access it.

  3. Try MEXC global. No1 in perps futures trading. It has the best liquidity for futures integrating spot, margin, ETF and whatnot. Also 20 BTC withdrawal limit is just icing as far as non kyc cex are concerned

  4. You can try exchanges like kucoin, bitget, or MEXC Global. Though KYC is important when doing transactions, I recommend the latter exchange which only took me few minutes to get verified.


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