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Searching for an trade that does not suck like Strike does

These $25 or $100 per week limits are are insane. And takes 4 days to deposit. Wtf? They’ll shove $25 up their butt.

Is there a greater possibility with out excessive charges? Coinbase charging $44 for 1000 buy. That is an excessive amount of.

I might like to purchase about $1000 per week. In the meanwhile.

13 thoughts on “Searching for an trade that does not suck like Strike does”

  1. I’m not sure how Strike determines their limits. They should be more transparent about that. I don’t know if they use credit scores or public data or what.

    All I know is, my limits are much higher. Also, direct deposit has no limit, so that’s an option if you have a job with legit payroll.


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