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Securiry Situation: Would I want a second Trezor Mannequin T available to safe my funds if mine is stolen?

I seemed into common seed splitting (24 phrases into three sections, 1-3, 1-2, 2-3), however I do not like the thought contemplating the safety threat of somebody with the ability to get one of many notes (16 phrases) after which with the ability to brute drive the remaining 8.

So Shamirs Secret Sharing (SSS) appeared like a greater thought.

Nevertheless, within the eventualities I fear about, my Trezor Mannequin T and one out of three (two required) SS secrets and techniques would have been stolen. On this case I must 100% safe the 2 remaining secrets and techniques, and ideally generate a brand new SSS sooner or later.

Nevertheless, if all of this had been to occur and I simply wish to transfer my funds ASAP, may I do that in any means and not using a Trezor Mannequin T? Or ought to I purchase an additional to have available to have the ability to do that? It is an additional 250 EUR (with VAT), however clearly price it if I’ve to.

2 thoughts on “Securiry Situation: Would I want a second Trezor Mannequin T available to safe my funds if mine is stolen?”

  1. don’t forget that there is a tedious but completely secure way to do all this from a single Trezor:

    1. wipe your device and create a new wallet
    2. back up the new seed
    3. write down all addresses for all the different coins that you hold
    4. wipe again, restore your original compromised seed
    5. send all funds to the addresses that you wrote down
    6. wipe one last time, restore the new seed
    7. profit


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