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[SERIOUS] Does Litecoin have any flaws in it is fundamentals?

Very often after I see a submit about Litecoin, there’ll by no means be any dialogue about its fundamentals solely it is value.

I typically hear the argument that Litecoin is likely one of the solely cryptocurrencies to have 100% uptime, for 10 years straight. Sure that is spectacular nevertheless it implies that Litecoin is essentially excellent after I suspect that’s not the case.

So what are a few of the flaws in Litecoins fundamentals that folks typically do not hear about?

I’m utilizing the intense tag as a result of a submit about Litecoin normally attracts feedback about value, I would love a strong dialogue about fundamentals.

8 thoughts on “[SERIOUS] Does Litecoin have any flaws in it is fundamentals?”

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  2. Biggest flaw: As long as there is Bitcoin, you don’t need Litecoin.


    In doubt just buy for each satoshi also 4 litoshi. Just in case people are dump enough to buy and push the “silver” to “gold” story. Cheap bet, just in case. If more people do as you do it will become a self fulfilling prophecy, lol.

    I owned a lot of LTC back in 2017/18, but dumped it later for Bitcoin. No regerets until now.

  3. Litecoin is a hard fork from bitcoin that lost its decentralization from lack of nodes and miners. Its also made fatal flaws of increasing the amount and also the blocksize. Its use case within the cryptoverse is vulnerable as it cannot match the security and Store of Value properties of BTC or the stability and speed of new stablecoins.

  4. Litecoin [pros](/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/z3f4cg/serious_does_litecoin_have_any_flaws_in_its/ixlg3oh/) & [cons](/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/z3f4cg/serious_does_litecoin_have_any_flaws_in_its/ixlg40m/) and related info are in the collapsed comments below. Pros and cons will change for every new post.

  5. Litecoin is one of the coins that is accepted almost everywhere where cryptocurrency is accepted as a way of payment.
    There are a lot of miners jumping in right now probably from ETH which makes the network safer than before.
    Its reaaaally fast and has low fees.
    It also has the options to send funds anonymous with the mimblewimble update

    Litecoin is a good cryptocurrency.

    But everytime Litecoin pumps there is going to be a bit market dump. It is like that and i have no explanation


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