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31 thoughts on “Shitcoiners hate this image”

  1. Wholeheartedly agreed.

    “Crypto” is just trying to ride bitcoin’s coat tails and present themselves as also going against the normal financial institutions.


    They’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing so many companies trying to fool hapless consumers into buying their shit as “The next bitcoin” when they all have dumb shit like premines and staking,

  2. I think there’s a style of propaganda that hasnt really been named yet.

    Its when the propaganda actors try and ruin a good thing by getting morons rabidly involved thus persuading those intelligent folk that had been established adherents to question the validity of their original beliefs.

  3. I’m a shitcoiner and I think smart contract blockchains are more related to bitcoin than to fiat. I do agree that shitcoins are mostly centralized and that few are less centralized, but still not fully decentralized. Nothing compares to bitcoin in terms of security and decentralization and nothing ever will. TBH I keep losing sats every rally because I’m chasing the next big thing when I already posses it.

    The reason I think its more related is due to price action. My analogy is, bitcoin is the ground all other crypto stand on, it will always be there no matter what and it’s safer than anything else. LN and Smart contract blockchains are the infrastructure being built on that ground (think of it like streets, blocks, highways), they can fail and go to shit, but are relatively safe. dApps and CEX are the businesses on top of that infrastructure (malls, marketplaces, retail stores, etc), they are very unsafe to invest on, but if you hit the right target, you could make a killing, if you hit the wrong one, you’ll lose all you invest.

  4. I understand the message, but, to be fair, crypto is not a subset of Fiat. Especially because crypto is not enforced “by decree”. Shitcoiners participate on those scams by will, while citizens MUST use Fiat money under penalty.

  5. Crypto

    A digital version of our centralized mainstream economy, with a bunch of bad businesses, and banks, trying to hustle you out of your money by lying to you 24/7 about what they offer.


    A digital version of the central banking system

    If I were a national government, I would look to co-opt Ethereum, before it implodes on itself.

    Just take it over and rebrand it to suit your needs. You won’t build anything better, on your own. Just print some more Monopoly money and buy them out. I think that’s what Vitalik really wants.

    At least then they won’t be able to make anymore shitcoins…..


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