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Shopping for Bitcoin each month since October 2017 (62 in a row now)

I name it the ‘bitcoin retirement plan’. I mainly purchase as a lot bitcoin as I can, from each pay examine. Began in October 2017, this month was the 62nd, gonna carry on stacking till I can name myself retired (retarded?).

It is now 5 years in, I am guessing lower than 5 years to go. No matter it is going to be, I’ve no doubts it can occur in much less time and be extra sustainable than the federal government shitshow of a retirement at 70 years previous.

I doc my journey on this weblog the place I write each month and replace some charts the place you’ll be able to simply see how its going and finally, how lengthy it took. Carry on stacking and revel in studying!


12 thoughts on “Shopping for Bitcoin each month since October 2017 (62 in a row now)”

  1. I am on 6months. bi-weekly and what i could salvage from my losses before the crash of Voyager and eventual lockout. Lost everything on Celsius. I am in the same boat. M53, divorced with zero savings and a small 401K. I did a mix of a home I rent out on airbnb, company matching 401K and now 15% of my bi weekly paycheck is Bitcoin Only. I have 14yrs or 168 months before I retire. My retirement is Bitcoin and a paid off house from its rental income.

  2. 1.5 years for me now. It took me 1 year to reach my first important BTC milestone. Switched to daily buys last week.

    Not a maxi, but there is a strong regression towards Bitcoin visible.

  3. I remember seeing a comment from you many months ago. You said your friend had sold his btc and was trying to increase his stack. At the time, I don’t think you expected it to go lower and kind of slammed him for thinking that.Do you know if your friend has bought back in yet?

  4. I always enjoy seeing your post and your blog post when you update us here. Good work! I’m not a maxi myself but seeing these deleveraging events makes BTC very desirable.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what are your plans and/or calculation when taking distribution of your BTC?


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