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Should buying BTC be something done out or in Tails?

So I’m thinking about buying BTC with PayPal or debit and then later exchanging them to XMR through Kilos. I already have Feather wallet, however that one supports only XMR so I’ll need to download a BTC wallet. I’ll probably purchase the BTC via Kraken (if you know other sites, please share). I’m wondering if I should buy while I’m on Windows or Tails, since I don’t want to download anything that could compromise Tails, and I’m not sure if entering my debit or paypal would be a wise move while I’m purchasing BTC on Tails.

I’ve also heard about Cake wallet, but I don’t know much about it. Can someone explain? Apparently it’s a mobile based wallet, which screams no to me, because don’t phones have the worst privacy/security? Thanks.

Forgot to mention but what’s a good wallet for BTC? Thanks again.

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