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Should I Withdraw My 401k to Invest in Bitcoin?Considering withdrawing my 401k to buy BTC, thoughts?

I’m considering withdrawing my 401k to buy Bitcoin, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Has anyone else done this? What were the pros and cons? What advice would you give me? Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

25 thoughts on “Should I Withdraw My 401k to Invest in Bitcoin?Considering withdrawing my 401k to buy BTC, thoughts?”

  1. There are alternative methods to consider:

    – can you do an in-kind trade to an investment firm that allows you to invest retirement funds into crypto. This keeps everything in its tax deferment so no penalties and taxes (not all companies allow you to pull out money from their plan while you are employed there).

    – Note you could definitely roll your Roth to a firm that will allow btc investment with your Roth money while keeping the Roth status (ideal if what you hope happens, happens) – google for firms (there are quite a few)

    – can you take a loan against you 401k? Obviously there is payback risk but may not be bigger than the penalties you’d have to pay anyway

  2. yes buy one whole bitcoin now. you will be very glad you did in 5 years… hold on its going to be a wild ride. its the onle asset that cant have the supply changed. 21 million club is waiting for you

  3. You can open up traditional or Roth IRA’s with Swan and even rollover your previously held ones to these so you can buy Bitcoin with it. I just opened up a roth on Swan so I can buy Bitcoin within my roth

  4. This is a terrible idea. You will have to pay fees and taxes cashing out the retirement asset for the majority of people to put it into a speculative asset that may end up being nothing.

    Leave your 401k alone. Add more to it. Buy Bitcoin on the side with money you can afford to use.

  5. >It seems like we’re staring down hyperinflation

    If the Fed continues to raise interest rates, hyperinflation isn’t going to happen, and you’ll more than likely see contraction in all speculative markets, including the valuation of Bitcoin. Not a risk worth taking on your entire retirement account.

  6. Nothing special about 1, if you believe in it, just own what you can. Had 1, had 10, had 100 at various points, trust me it’s not special it’s just a number. What matters is the value to you and others

  7. Yes, tax sheltered accounts offer tax free gains on monopoly money at retirement age. Not promising in the long term. However – buy that bitcoin ETF in your tax sheltered account and then withdraw it in 5 to 10 years when you’ve made massive tax free gains, but are still ahead of the financial system collapsing.

  8. You do know that retirement accounts are protected from creditors right? Like if short hits the fan in your life, you’ll always have the money in them for retirement. Bitcoin? A bankruptcy proceeding will liquidate that I’m sure. Don’t put everything in one basket

  9. Depending on your plan, you can borrow up to 50% or 50k (whichever is less) against your 401k.

    Also you could transfer your Roth to Swan or Unchained. The former is cheaper but is custodied by Fortress, the latter I’m fairly certain you hold the quorum of you keys.

    Personally I try to avoid taxes and fees if there are other options…

  10. I only put into BTC what I can’t afford to lose, while keeping runway available to pay the fiat bills.

    But don’t yolo, DCA, you can also get BTC exposure via TradFi routes now days within ur registered accounts (401k, ROTH IRA).

    So in summary: buy some BTC with part of earnings EOM, be it 1% 5% 10% or more. Just DCA your savings.

    Look at repositioning your ROTH and TradFi stuff, that’s locked in and the penalties for exiting that ponzi are dire.

    If you just pull it all out to buy BTC, you’ll most certainly lose your mind multiple times over the next year imo. Not worth your sanity my friend, nothing is.

  11. Don’t sell your 401k for bitcoin, early withdrawal penalty plus taxes will wipe out half of it.

    I bought microstrategy which is basically a bitcoin proxy, perhaps better than an etf. I bought 100 shares or about 1.2 BTC and gonna leave it for a decade.


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