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Sick of cut Ketamine in USA–EU-USA 17$ and 21$ Ketamine Sugar 100% Pure, Check out our listings !

Vendor Name: ALphabay/USPS – Incognito/uspsOfficial

Vendor Store: /USPS

Vendor Listing(s):


/149682 17 dollar -Ketamine S-Isomer Sugar 100% p…

/177670 21 dollar -Ketamine S-Isomer Sugar 100% p…


/bsG74jQO0jqQ07gl 17 dollar -Ketamine S-Isomer Sugar 100% p…

/0M05xHSbcUhFbRFn 21 dollar -Ketamine S-Isomer Sugar 100% p…

Additional comments/information:

We are USPS and we offer only the highest grade ketamine available.

We ship direct to USA from Europe and have much experience in doing so as well.

If you want pure untouched ketamine, look no further and go for USPS



100% uncut sugar ketamine of the highest quality, imported into Europe and soon on the way in your hands. If you are used to ketamine in the US, this will be a new experience for you. Will blow your socks off, as pure as it can possibly get.

100% Reship on ALL 21$ orders.

50% Reship on ALL 17$ orders.

MOQ 100gr


100% (one time) RESHIP on all seized or intercepted 21$ orders

50% (one time) RESHIP on all seized or intercepted 17$ orders

0% Reship for lost parcels due to wrong address given

0% Reship on untracked parcels for new customers, case by case decision for trusted return customers


Are you tired of getting cut-down ketamine left and right, as if this was somehow the natural state of this marvelous compound? Sugar ket getting crushed down into the finest powder, just so it can be easily cut with MSM and god knows what?

Well, we are here to help you out with this! We operate from Europe and have access to completely uncut ketamine, fresh from the factory. Our expertise lies with importing to the US, which is why our vendor account is SOLELY targeted towards the US market, as we can clearly see that you guys are starved for proper product that blows you out of your socks.

So here we are! If you are ready to order from Europe, you will not disappointed with the experience at all. We are so confident in our shipping expertise that we offer 100% reship on 21$ orders. If our product doesn’t reach you, we will just fully replace it!


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