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Simply out of curiosity, is that this all you actually need to entry comparatively safely?

Is that actually all you want (ie. merely log in so your IP appears to be like prefer it’s coming from one other place, then simply fortunately do your factor comparatively risk-free???)

**I do not use DMs** however discover the idea intriguing as a result of I am the kind of one who simply has that must know – whether or not this, or the rest. How can the DNM man who created the “Final Information” declare that your entire setup can take days to be taught? My understanding was to easily log into Tor, in fact – even alone, I believed that is all that was essential. As soon as Tor is loaded, then you definitely use a VPN (Does iTop VPN work for this) – after which you’ll be able to principally simply have a look at something with minimal threat.

So is it true that iTop and TOR are all you want??? The information suggests different drastic actions like utilizing a distinct laptop, nevertheless it all appeared manner too difficult and time consuming.

Thanks a lot, all!!!

PS: last item I used to be questioning: is it not far simpler for anybody planning on really shopping for one thing to make use of sellers based mostly in your individual nation to keep away from customs and such? It simply appears lots much less dangerous.

9 thoughts on “Simply out of curiosity, is that this all you actually need to entry comparatively safely?”

  1. I’d highly recommend you take a look at the DNM bible as linked in our FAQ/Wiki. It has the full process of connecting as well suggestions regarding VPNs (don’t use them). A bootable USB drive running Tails is sufficient.

  2. Yeah, for most people, simply starting Tor will allow them to poke their head in the door for quick peek at what’s inside. But, for every step further into the dark, one is exposed to new and increasingly dangerous risks. Both from LE and those trying to rip you off. Every user must assess these and adjust their security to match.

    Of course buying domestically is inherently less risky than internationally.

  3. It really just depends on what you’re doing. Yes, if all you want to do is look at darknet markets then tor is all you need. But most guides online are for people who plan to make purchases. If that’s more your speed I recommend taking the bibles advice and taking some time to get a more secure setup going.

  4. Don’t use a VPN “on top”; that defeats the Tor routing and lets your VPN company see what sites you’re accessing.

    If you use a VPN, run VPN first, then Tor. But Tor is secure by itself. VPN doesn’t help or hurt Tor. VPN would be useful to protect the non-Tor traffic your system does.

    And as I understand it, securing and hiding your connection is maybe the easiest part of ordering illegal stuff online. Payment and delivery may be harder.

  5. There’s definitely more to it than this.

    Most crypto exchanges have kyc so there would need to be a relative amount until of opsec around the purchase of crypto and getting that crypto to the dnm.

    Then there is also the next risk/precautions around the delivery of the product itself.

    Accessing the dnm is only a small part of the total opsec needed to remain anonymous

  6. I would always recommend only purchasing domestically, almost every every international purchase would go through some sort of customs process/checks which add significant probabilities of discovery


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