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So how usually does the 4% money again come round?

I’ve solely been utilizing my coinbase card for a couple of months however that reward was superior, however now all the things is again to 1%, will it come round once more? 4% to 1% is ass

10 thoughts on “So how usually does the 4% money again come round?”

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  2. That was indeed a great deal but we don’t have information as to when it will be offered again. We’ll surely post on our social media pages once the 4% cash back is back again. Thanks for you continued usage of the card.

  3. IIRC it has dropped to 1-2% once or twice before and went back up to 4%. I am a little less hopeful we will see it again given the recent turmoil in the crypto industry and the economic environment in general. Just gotta wait and see I suppose.

  4. I still use it, sorta addicted to the CB debit card. Would really be nice to have 4% back again. I know they had removed it before for a month then added it back.

    4% Graph was badass.

  5. CB is a business, so its a business decision. Short answer, when they want to. There have been crypto businesses that have gotten into trouble because they had to speculate with client money in order to pay ridiculous interest rates. Not saying 4 percent is ridiculous, but who knows.

  6. The larger concern is that Coinbase has suddenly begun charging to convert fiat to USDC to put on the Coinbase card. USDC is THEIR OWN stable coin and yet they are claiming the fees cover the margin of the market …. Except there is no market it’s THEIR OWN stable coin. Greed. And enough greed to make me never buy any more USDC to put on the Coinbase card and hence no longer use it. $20 of fees to convert $500 US fiat to USDC which literally costs the company nothing… absurd!


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