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They can be easy to fall for if you aren’t cautious!

Some ideas since 2013

I’m a HODLer since 2013, I HODL an quantity of Bitcoin within the double digits. Amassed most of my Bitcoin with Coinbase auto purchases in 2014-2016, (I set it and forgot about it, and transferred all the pieces to my Trezor). I dabbled in Celsius with some loans and pulled all the pieces out earlier than they went stomach up. This hardened my Bitcoin HODL stance, and I’ll wait a decade extra or so and HODL by the subsequent two halvings earlier than handing over my keys to a extra trusted entity within the extra distant future. I’m constantly shopping for BTC each week, watching my BTC develop and develop… Simply preserve stacking sats and ignore the merchants.

7 thoughts on “Some ideas since 2013”

  1. You’re like the me if I made better choices. I was buying on Coinbase back then, but I ended up selling my stack in 2016 to buy a house. I was able to reaccumulate a decent stack, but nowhere near what I would have had. Ah well…


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