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Spending USDT with crypto card with no kyc

8 thoughts on “Spending USDT with crypto card with no kyc”

  1. I can’t ever see a CREDIT card with no KYC

    If you didn’t pay who would they chase ?

    At best there might be a DEBIT card that you preload with crypto with no KYC

    But KYC is probably mandatory for VISA & Mastercard got AML reasons

  2. Short answer? No.

    Even if you did find something that claimed to do what you want it would probably be a scam/fraud and you’d just lose money.

    What you want is basically to buy pre-paid debit cards with Crypto, which is about as close as you’ll get to what you want, but converting your Crypto to fiat is still likely to require at least registering an account somewhere and connecting a bank account with KYC.


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