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10 thoughts on “Stablecoin utilization stay excessive regardless of crypto winter”

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  2. Hey there slugger! In a hurry?

    *Will Clemente believes all of this was because of stablecoin use cases, which included capital efficiency in crypto, giving access to USD to those without banking, among other reasons.*

    Off you go now.

  3. tldr; Reflexity Research cofounder Will Clemente tweeted that stablecoins are one of the few crypto use cases that have found product market fit despite the current market condition. The aggregate volume for the top four stablecoins surpassed $30 billion recently. The number of stablecoin active addresses has returned to its 2021 peak.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  4. I’m not surprised. Stablecoins offer a number of advantages especially in payments or as a store of value. I would recommend the fully backed and audited stablecoins like USDC, BUSD, EEUR, and EURC. Also avoid algorithmic stablecoins.


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